Best Golf Courses Near Paris, France

Although Paris has numerous attractions, many golf enthusiasts will not detest having to forego the charms of the city for a golfing experience. Luckily, golf lovers do not have to miss out on other attractions of the town since some of the best golf courses in the country are within a short distance from the capital city. So, remember to pack that golf travel bag so you can get in a few rounds on your trip.

The best golf courses near the French capital are concentrated in three principal regions, namely, the Versailles, Chantilly, and Fontainebleau. The one unifying characteristic among these beautiful golf courses is that they all feature an excellent mix of countryside and excellent golf courses. However, Chantilly stands out for having the widest and the best types of classes.

Following are the top 5 golf courses near Paris:

Paris International Golf Club

This golf course prides itself on the fact that it was designed by the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. The golf club has consistently been rated highly for its excellent maintenance and enjoyable courses. It is a rare mix of elegance, enormousness and luxury as demonstrated by the relaxing spa and a world class swimming pool.

Chantilly Vineuil

Designed by Tom Simpson at the start of the 20th century, Chantilly Vineuil has been ranked by many as the best golf course in the country. It made the list of top five golf courses in Europe. The one remarkable trait of this golf course is its traditional design and immaculate maintenance.

The French Open was hosted here numerous times, including the time Nick Faldo won the tournament in 1989. Many golfers reckon that its course is the most challenging one since one is required to combine power with accuracy to avoid the woodland or the numerous bunkers. Locate 30 miles off the capital, and just one mile north of Chantilly, the Chantilly Vineuil is arguably the best golf option near Paris.


This golf course is one of Tom Simpsons stand out designs. It is most famous among golfers for being the most enjoyable golf course to have been devised by the legendary Tom Simpsons. It is located in the middle of France’s largest forest and has been ranked highly in the European Top 20 golf clubs chart. The Fontainebleau has also made the list of world’s top 100 golf clubs.

This golf club has been known to provide visitors on a golf break with an English feel courtesy of its layout and design. This fact can be attributed to the fact that the Fontainebleau is one the oldest golf courses in France. The art deco club house is a real attraction and a good place to relax between rounds.

Chateau d’Augerville

Located near the Fontainebleau, Chateau d’Augerville is somewhat of a hidden gem. It has a tricky, unorthodox and rewarding design. The most enjoyable aspect of this golf course, however, is the variety of challenges it offers to golfers. Each hole presents a unique challenge. Sometimes, this may include some blind shots which are difficult to master.

Excellent golfers who get to the 9th and 18th hole are rewarded with a walk up to a luxurious hotel, the magnificent 17th-Century chateau. There, they can lounge as they watch other golfers play.

Golf National Albatros

The current host of the French Open has ranked as the second best course by the European Tour Pros. It has challenging fairways that make it one of the toughest course in the country, rendering it a real championship course.

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